Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My prayer lately is for God to STRETCH me - growth requires being stretched. This past Saturday, I had the privilege of serving in the inner city of BR-just blocks away from where I work. It was raining when we all arrived, but that didn't stop us. We loaded the trucks with bags of groceries, drove down to a dead end street, parked, then blew the horn. Suddenly, 5-6 kids plus several adults were coming out of each of the houses. Houses I knew no one could possibly live in. The roofs were caving in, no electricity... We gathered in their front yard, all held hands and prayed for each one of them. They were so touched and brought to tears.

There was a warehouse about 20 feet away were homeless people, prostitutes and cross-dressers began coming out of. They were curious and joined us. Emily was one of the ladies-we asked her if there was anything we could pray for her about and she said she'd like to get off of crack. After praying for her she hugged us and thanked us. She just wants to be loved-just like all of us.

My favorite was Ms. Hilda. She's 80 years old and lives all by herself. She doesn't know were her next meal will come from. After I prayed with her, we just hugged each other and cried. She blessed me more than I could ever bless her.

Be careful what you pray for because God will make it happen in His own way. I've been stretched and blessed.

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