Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Parties

I love Christmas....parties, friends, gifts and giving, ?surprises?... Last Friday, we went to Late Nite's Christmas Party, "A Black & White Affair." My friend Ashley has never hung out with this group of friends and what does she win....the grand prize....$50 gift card to the mall. It was well deserved because noone enjoys shopping more than she does.

Sunday, I overslept and paniced because I hadn't baked my 3 dozen cookies for Lacey & Melissa's Party. I made it to the party just in time but with only 32 Mocha Madness Cookies, not quite 3 dz, but they came out pretty good. Anything with coffee is good. We exchanged cookie recipes and of course sampled all of them until we were sick!
Immediately following, I met up with some of my best friends and their kids for lunch and gift exchange. I thought Brady would love the "Up Up Elmo" I got him, which he did initially, but he became a little angry at Elmo started fussing at him and tried to eat him. Princess Hayley was graceful and loved her little purse.

It gets better!!!! Sunday night was Elevate's Christmas Party! Several weeks ago I went downtown for the lighting of the Christmas tree with 100s of other people. Some of the ladies wore their festive, Christmas sweaters which sparked a desire to go to a "Bad Christmas Sweater Party," and that week they announced they would have a competition. Megan and Lydia said they had outfits so I replied "GAME ON!" Natalie and I were fashionably late and missed the judging, but it's confirmed that we would have tied. We lit up...literally!

You think someone would get rid of the sweater after the party...not me... I wore it to the Hilton Sales Team Christmas Party.

(I didn't get the memo to wear jeans and a black top.)

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The Maggio Family said...

looks like you had a blast!