Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've been busy being blessed!

Sorry for neglecting my blog (for all 2 people who read it), but I've been building up all this good news to share with you at one time.

1) I graduated from my 1st year of Elevate! Here are some pictures from the evening of people who have no idea how much they've invested in my life (Pastor Dino, Mike Haman, my Mom, Michelle, Elizabeth and friends-2 of which will be going with me to Cambodia (hint not the pregnate one)). I'm excited and ready for next year!

2) Two beach trips! The first trip was our annul girl's trip which was a blast, and the second trip was to celebrate Christina Olinde's upcoming marriage.

(Pictures to come.)

3) I have a handsome new cousin,
Brayden Joseph Guidroz. I knew it was
a boy the whole time.

4) I just moved into a new house.

That doesn't look like this, but I still love it!

5) By the time my next blog is published, I'll be a new Aunt. Congrats Emily!

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