Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day 2 of the Women's Conference

This is just a clip of how much fun we had on day 2 of the conference. HPC's own "Singing Bees." They definately showed up the opening hIp HoP number!

Friday morning, Holly Wagner was still on fire. She continued to stress the need to fight!

-You'll have more than 1 battle at the same time so get good swinging your sword. (Sword=The Word)

-When you're faithful with 1 thing, He'll give you more.

-Make sure you're great at the things God puts on your plate, and be good at staying at your post. (Main Post=Believer)

-Ask yourself, when troubles and obstacles come your way are you still a believer? Do you doubt He can or will take care of you?

-Live a life people want to follow. Jesus said "Follow Me..." That requires us living a life like Jesus.

Christine Caine talked about when God told Elijah to go to the poor widow and ask her for food and water. The widow only had a handful of flour and a cup of oil for her and her son, but she still brought Elijah food. She never ran out of food.

God just wants the little we have. Don't look at what you don't have but realize that's all you need. God will put the super in your natural and make it supernatural.

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So glad you posted! Love you girl!