Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Live the Dream Day 1

What an amazing 3 days!! HPC's Women's Conference, Live the Dream, kicked off Thursday night with over 1000 women, a little hIp HoP dance and a message from Holly Wagner. What was so amazing was that all of these women came anticipating a life-changing weekend, and what's is even more amazing is that they said it far exceeded what they expected. Once again, God shocks us!

To enter the building, the ladies had to go through a line of men cheering them on. Some people may have thought that was wierd, but I think they deserve getting the royal treatment and that we should have put a sign above the door that said "Daugher's of the King Enter Here."

Holly Wagner is so amazing, and I can't get enough of her. I've been listening to one of her series in my car and I find myself taking the long route to get where I am going. Here are a few points she hit on the 1st night--

-"Princess" is not a slang word; it's actually who we are! We are daughters of the King which makes us princesses.

-Have a little bit of fight in your life. Sometimes there are battles you can't control and you don't choose (i.e. sickness), but you have to decide to fight. Some battles we do choose (i.e. parenting, marriage...) and you still have to fight.

Holly is a cancer survivor, and while fighting that battle she was faced with so many other battles in life and she had to choose to fight. She did what it said in Micah by gathering her troops (prayer wariors) and fought.

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