Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back Home

I'm Home! It's Saturday, and I've been up since 5:30AM. That has never happened before. I may be present in the Central Time Zone but my body still thinks I'm in Cambodian Time Zone.

One highlight I can't believe I haven't shared already is when we arrived in Cambodia you will never, ever, ever believe what we saw on our way to the goes LSU fans....a guy on a bike wearing an LSU hat. By the time I got my camera out it was too late, but it was PRICELESS.

Here are some pictures from the first few days of the trip. I wanted to take one of the flight attendants home. They are so adorable! There's also a picture from our infamous breakdown.

Day 1 at the Orphanage and Festival

Orphanage Dedication and Day 2 of the Festival

Around Town
One morning, we took a "Tut Tut" to the market and hung out for a while accompanied by our new best friend and interpreter Pheneth Kim. He's 19 years old and is about to graduate from high school.
Yes, I did eat a cricket! I learned that in the poorer areas they would eat crickets and spiders just to stay alive.

There's so much more to share...
A group from Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL, came with us and did a great job posting pictures and interviewed people around town.

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Anonymous said...

Awh Kristin it sounds like it was amazing! I am so happy that ya'll were able to be a huge part in the whole thing. God is so stinkin good, all the time. Love it, love everything you wrote. Thanks-