Sunday, October 14, 2007

3 Strikes but your not out of the GAME!

I never knew Natalie and Kristan were so political. They are having a hard time with Cleo Fields being dismissed from the election. As friends, we supported them by bathing their front lawn with 103 signs.

I'd like to introduce all the members of our team, Krisin Stutes aka "Thrill of the Night," Kari Smith aka "Ms. Let me take a picture of my masterpiece while I leave my accomplice," Mollie White aka "Swift Thrower," Kaycee Smith aka "Soldier," & Nicole Duplechain aka "I'm too fine to get my picture taken."


Natalie, I hope you know that we did this all for your benefit. After extensive research we found that this is "sign" of love in Africa!

Don't forget to vote this Saturday, October 20th.


Anonymous said...

haha! what fun! nothing says we love you like cleo fields signs.

Anonymous said...

Stutes it is on. That is all I have to say. You guys had way too much fun doing this..... :) soon my friend, very soon.

Carole Turner said...

That is great!